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Social Media Management for Businesses

Are you struggling to grow an active and engaged social media audience?

Do you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry?

Are you sick of hiring people to help with your social media marketing efforts only to see zero results?

Social Media is constantly changing. The algorithms undergo frequent revisions as platforms attempt to offer a better user experience. This means that strategies that worked last year won’t work this year. It means that brands have to constantly evolve their social media efforts to keep up.

Outsourcing your social media strategy to experts is a technique that savvy business owners know will generate the most positive outcomes. But how do you know if the person or agency you are hiring will actually generate results?

At the Social Expansion Project, our clients have seen results. They have seen an increase of almost 600% in post reach and a 400% increase in engagement rates after one month. They have received a boost in website traffic of 96% or more over the course of six months. An optimized blog post became the featured snippet on Google after one month and saw an increase in traffic of over 1,000%.

If you are looking to grow the size of your audience and your engagement rates today, then you have come to the right place. Check out our packages, or request a custom quote and get ready to see the growth you’ve been waiting for.

Strategy First
Social Media Marketing With Results

You know you need social media marketing help to grow your business.

With so many social media experts for hire, how do you choose? At The Social Expansion Project, we are a strategy first social media marketing agency. We never create random posts based on what has worked for other companies. Instead, we look at what has worked for you and your competitors in the past and utilize the data from our social media audit to create a tailored plan guaranteed to grow your audience and engagement levels on social media.

Combine this with the ability of our team of social media managers to tell compelling stories, and you have an explosive combination. We aren’t your average social media content creation service. We are The Social Expansion Project.

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